Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Being Medusa: And Other Things That Suck (Volume 1) By A. Lynn Powers

From Being Medusa:
Things that suck about being Me(dusa):
1. I have to wear these stupid glasses all the time.
2. My sisters hate me.
3. The only person who talks to me regularly is the school disciplinarian.
4. My classmate Thea has made it her mission in life to destroy me.
5. Every day, another bad rumor about me spreads around school.
6. I got hit by a car, and now the guy who hit me won’t leave me alone.
7. Oh, yeah, most importantly... I have snakes growing out of my head!
Nothing in my life is ever normal.

A. Lynn Powers writes young adult fiction of all genres. She is a native of Memphis, Tennessee, but she currently resides in the suburbs of Tokyo, Japan. She enjoys making useless lists, collecting cute socks, and entertaining preschool children. She can often be found sitting in a restaurant while drinking her weight in tea and soda, tripping over her own feet, unsuccessfully navigating the subway systems of Tokyo, or butchering the Japanese language.  

My Thoughts:  To be honest I totally picked this book to read because I love the cover but I was also intrigued about a modern retelling of a Medusa story. There are tons of retellings of Snow White, Cinderella, even Little Red Riding Hood but Medusa not so often.  Powers has a great voice and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. First off I love books with lists, I love making lists and reading lists so the fact that every chapter started with a list was awesome. This book was funny, witty, smart and Powers has created characters that I loved. While this book was funny it also made some very good points. It touched on some very relevant issues like physical appearance, discrimination, tolerance and  more.  And she handled them beautifully. Medusa is a person that I can totally root for. Wonderful story. Highly recommend. I am looking forward to Volume 2.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

I recieved this ebook through the lending library at Juniper Grove Book Solutions for my honest review. 

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